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02.03.16 - 2048 an empty ocean?! … #rg Via:…

2048 an empty ocean?! … #rg
Via: @sirensfortheseaofficial A paper published in ‘Science’ (a publication purely based on legitimate science) by scientist Dr Boris Worm in 2006 declared that this very well could be reality. In an effort to discover exactly what would happen to the world if there were no more fish in the ocean, Worm & his team of researchers analyzed all kinds of data. What they found was much worse than they suspected. After doing 32 thorough experiments on a variety of marine environments, the team of researchers looked at the history from the past 1,000 years in 12 different coastal regions around the world including the #greatbarrierreef. Then they analyzed fishery data from 64 marine ecosystems and how nearly 50 protected ocean areas recovered after their protection.
Overfishing, habitat loss, climate change, industrialisation & pollution are driving species into a rapidly faster decline. Although this study was done in 2006, not much has changed- scientifically speaking. When the study was released, 1% of the #ocean was protected, globally & as of last year United Nations Environment Program reported that only 2.8% of the ocean is protected, much of it token protection that isn’t effectively enforced…this isn’t “predicated” to happen, it’s happening now. #startwith1thing #protectthereef