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10.04.12 - Chocolate Heaven…

Ok, so i dont usually write about food, but this I just have to share…

 Juliette au Chocolat, a chocolate cafe in downtown Montreal. A must if you’re passing through the city!!!

Juliette & Chocolat started with a passion and a frustration: my passion for chocolate and my frustration at not finding a hot chocolate that met my high standards. I wanted a hot chocolate like our grandmothers used to make, a thick and velvety drink that warms, consoles and nourishes.

So armed with my chocolate-maker and master crepe-maker diplomas, I decided to fill that need myself, and in the process make you (re)discover chocolate, a noble ingredient whose best vintages rival great wines in their subtle flavor variations.

And so Juliette & Chocolat was born. I hope you’ll visit soon, and until then, I wish you a life full of chocolate!