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21.12.14 - Commitment We live in a world seduced by the easy. We want to…


We live in a world seduced by the easy.
We want to look great and be super fit but we don’t want to have to exercise to get there.
We want to be uber-successful in our careers but we wonder if there’s a way to reach world- class without having to work hard and be disciplined like every great executive is disciplined – as is every great company.

We dream of living fearless, joy-filled lives but we all too often avoid doing the very best practices (like getting up early, taking risks, setting-goals and reading) that are certain to deliver us to our ideals.
Nothing comes for free.
The best things in life require sacrifice and devotion. Each of us – to get to our own unique forms of personal and professional greatness – must pay the price. And the more we pay, the more we’ll receive.
Great lives don’t just occur, out of the blue. They are crafted and built – like the Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China, block-by-block – day by day. And great businesses don’t just appear.
They are forged through daily and never-ending improvement and effort.

Let’s not be seduced into believing that the best things in life come without effort. #dailyT