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14.12.16 - “In-between all those ordinary (and exhausting) moments…

“In-between all those ordinary (and exhausting) moments are the ones that make me stop, so struck am I by all their beauty. I wish I could capture these moments, Little One, and jump back into them with you in years to come, so that you could see how loved you were, how much fun we had together when you were this little. But time is mean like that and we’ll never get to share these moments again. So, Little One, I won’t ask for the impossible. Instead, I’ll try to stay grateful. While we both get to live the joy of these moments, I know I’m lucky in that I’ll get to keep the memory of these times whereas you’re not old enough to hold onto them for good. I can’t promise to remember them all, Little One. I’m only human. But I’ll do my best to remember them for us both. Because even though they’re just fleeting moments, they’re actually the ones that mean the most.” Writer Evelyn Lewin.
There are little magical moments in everyday – make sure you stop and take them in as they really are so fleeting and precious ❤️ #tbt #👶🏻ace