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20.03.15 - #manifest By @oracle_of_light via This spring equinox is a day…

#manifest By @oracle_of_light via
This spring equinox is a day for new beginnings and positive changes. For many ancient cultures, such as the Mayans and Ancient Egyptians, the new year is the spring equinox, and that is the time to manifest! Solar eclipse comes as a portal of new beginnings as it is our last day journeying around this cycle of the 12 houses . A Super new moon in Pisces will be here Friday, to support the seeds we plant towards our goals. Direct your energy towards things you would like to germinate into your life as opposed to things you don’t. Beginning new creative projects, spiritual goals and anything that utilizes your passion, will be highly supported by the heightened cosmic energies during this equinox .

This equinox is a very powerful day where many portals are open to birth the synchronicity process in which you choose to set your intention towards. If you choose to manifest for the year exactly at the time of the spring equinox, things may change so powerfully and quickly that you may be shocked, so be very careful about what you choose..when you create intentions at the spring equinox that you plan to work on for the year ahead, you go on the accelerated path . Eventually, you will notice that what is in your mind is creating the realities all around you.. Synchronicity will begin its journey from the 9th dimensional Galatic center, to begin the process of making energetic changes needed to manifest your intentions .. Light a candle, and some incense and plant new seeds to spring forth in your life, as Friday energetic spring equinox will be the universal portal to birth your dreams into fruition. -StarStorm