17.02.11 - Meet… Joe Zee

Guess who we caught up with right after the Carolina Herrera show… Joe Zee, Creative Director of ELLE USA.

I met Joe over a decade ago in Hong Kong when he was still a freelance stylist shooting a fashion story for W magazine.  He held a casting session and all of the top girls in town went to the “go see”.  I accompanied a good friend of mine, May Yee as she presented her portfolio. 

While i was waiting, this fabulous asian man started chatting with me.  He had the most contagious energy.  So positive and full of life!  I had no idea who he was then…

Fast forward to two days ago, I’m in New York Fashion week covering this seasons collections for Runway TV Asia and lo and behold, there was that wonderful, energetic, positive, asian man again!!! Right away, I went up to him and reminded him of how we met back in the day… he remembered! 

Ofcourse I wanted to interview him right there and then and he graciously agreed!  

We chatted about the collections, his life as creative director, and his new show, All on the Line. On the show, he helps struggling fashion designers with their line and help turn their business around.  Kind of like a “Fashion Fairy God Mother” if you will.  If you’re lucky, he may even come to you! :) Make a wish!

All on the line premieres March 29, 2011 on Sundance Channel