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15.02.16 - OPENING DAY!! The World We Live In: Through the Lens of…

OPENING DAY!! The World We Live In: Through the Lens of Contemporary Photography, a specially curated exhibition that portrays how contemporary photographers document and interpret the world around us, creating images that are both aesthetically thrilling and deeply thought-provoking.
The exhibition includes five iconic photographers represented by Sundaram Tagore Gallery in Asia: Sebastião Salgado, Steve McCurry, Robert Polidori, Edward Burtynsky and Annie Leibovitz. These highly acclaimed individuals share a truly global perspective in their artistic endeavors, while individually crafting unique and often breathtaking visual narratives of key issues of contemporary culture.

Press Preview: Feb 16 / 3pm

Opening cocktails: Feb 16 / 6:30pm (by invitation only)

General public opening: Feb 17-March 27

Venue: Ayala Museum

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With special thanks to:
Discovery Primea
Pont Des Arts Wines
Philippine Tater
Rogue & L’officiel