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04.01.17 - Refusing single-use disposables is the simplest and most…

Refusing single-use disposables is the simplest and most effective action you can take towards reducing your trash and plastic footprint.
Our disposable culture is new! It started on the wave of cheaper plastics back in the mid 1950’s. Before that time single-use items were not a thing. Buying something with your hard earned money just to use it for a short amount of time only to toss it was considered a bit stupid. An avalanche of disposable items launched into the American household in the mid 1950’s – along with carefully crafted advertising to convince the public that disposables would save time and money. It actually took some convincing to get people to actually toss stuff they had used only once because a majority of the items created back then were designed to last, be reusable, repairable, and were made of better materials. There was more value in how goods were made, used, and repaired. I believe once again we can become a culture of intentional consumerism – rethinking how we design, manufacture, and recovery materials.
Text via @bezerowastegirl
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