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11.11.15 - #rg Via @cultoflee There are two ways of healing. The first…

#rg Via @cultoflee
There are two ways of healing.
The first way is to give people a thousand ways to feel better. Affirmations, comfort, motivation.. New habits, compliments, smiling. The power of positive thought.
The second way is to go into your pain. Venture into the core reason behind the very existence of this pain, shine the light of awareness onto it, and so the pain itself can release and become light. Reliving it, remembering it, acknowledging it, feeling it, knowing it, facing it, embracing it, breaking yourself down.
Neither path is better. They just produce different results. The difference is that the first way gives you something nice and warm to distract from the problem, whereas the second way removes the problem itself. The latter is harder and more painful. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and time.
But the second path lasts permanently. You solve instead of soothe. Shift instead of cover. The process sucks, but the result is beautiful. And in healing yourself, you become a vessel to heal others. In healing yourself, you are already healing others.
I chose the latter.