30.06.10 - “Summer Office”

Welcome to my summer office! Yes, i know what you’re thinking… thats more of a vacation spot than it is an “office” … what is she thinking?!#$%.  But the truth is, its during times like these, when i’m completely relaxed and in a beautiful, peaceful scenery that i actually get a lot of creative work done.  These are the moments that inspire me and i almost/always end up working; whether I’m shooting for a magazine, writing, developing treatments for new tv shows, or painting, this is where it all happens. Of course i do plan to sqeeze some fun in…

Here’s what i have in mind:

1) Learn Wakeboarding

2) Visit a new city/town

3) Learn 3-5 recipies from this region. And cook them in LA.

4) Learn how to say, “I like you, you like me?” in croatian?!@# hmmm…

5) Dance, Dance, Dance!

2 more weeks! i cant wait!!!!! Happy summer! 

Photo: Hvar, Croatia (photo by: Teresa Herrera)