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14.11.15 - URGENT call to action– When terrible things happen, we are…

URGENT call to action– When terrible things happen, we are all responsible.
Our collective pain body manifests into situations that reflect our world’s internal state of being. There is violence outside because there is violence inside.
These things keep happening because we’re not taking responsibility for ourselves. We’re not taking responsibility for our shit. We’re not taking responsibility of the violence we have in ourselves, the violence that we exhibit towards others. Anger, guilt, shame, resentment, apathy, hate, criticism, jealously, condemnation. All violent states of being, violent frequencies that we hold within ourselves.
We come from emotionally violent families, filled with energetically violent individuals. What can we expect to create but a violent society? A violent world. The collective is just a sum of the individual, and individually we are all messed up.
It’s time we wake the fuck up and take responsibility for our own violence. All of the FEAR that we operate from, and all the BLAME that we constantly put onto others.
Praying doesn’t create peace. Change does. You really want to create peace? It doesn’t come from reposting a photo. It comes from all of us taking responsibility for our Selves. Detaching from our need to blame. Healing our pain. Transcending our own violence, and turning it back into love.
If you want to change the outside, go inside.
Peace starts from within.
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