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20.11.13 - Well said… by @imwiththedeejay “A tip in life &…

Well said… by @imwiththedeejay “A tip in life & business :
It is not about what you know or who you know, what matters most is how people know you.
The beautiful face above knows me. I’m happy to declare we are international friends. And, it is in our sustained friendship that she knows about what I do with my life coach practice, what I value and most recently the workshops I’ve done this year.
It is in “how” she knows me that she asked to interview me for the online magazine she writes for on Rappler.com

I am very honored.

Because, how I know her is an example of #surrondyourselfwithgreatness. She is a writer, TV host, former radio personality, an introspective mind, eloquent in words and a face-to-love in her modeling campaigns.
Vicky Herrera is a great representation of #womenwholead // In fact, all of her sisters are! Positivity, depth, intelligence, tenacity, and beauty with style. It’s like Herrera-DNA.
How you know someone takes time. “Integrity” is far from being instant and long after first impressions. It is not measured by how many “likes” you have on Facebook or how many followers you’ve acquired on here. It usually is not a conscious process, like deciding what to wear each day. More so, it is how you live your life and how you act when you think no one is looking. It is authentic, it’s your character traits and it is being 100% real.
How someone knows you, is not about reputation or impressions but the residual effect of how your presence made someone else feel.
I’m thankful to share my personal story in the interview with Vicky because the invitation was extended to me from a friendship of mutual respect. I appreciate the exposure to talk about what I am passionate about and letting others… get to know me.” via @InstaReposts