26.10.10 - Will You?

“Will you choose to live your dreams, or will you just let them pass you by? There’s something you can do right now to bring those dreams to life. There’s some step that’s immediately available to you. Will you take it, or will you let that dream slide out of reach? 

You deserve the best in life, and you deserve to be the person who makes it happen. Stop wishing for someone to give it to you, because no one can do that. The only true fulfillment you can experience is the fulfillment you create through the power of your own will. 

So, will you? Life is too beautiful to waste. Life is filled with so many outstanding possibilities that it takes your breath away. Sure, you have some complaints about things. But even so, you are incredibly fortunate to be alive, and aware, and able to dream, and able to act on those dreams. So, will you? 

Maybe in the past you’ve let things slide, and watched as the best of life has passed you by. If that’s the case, then this is your lucky day. Because today the past is over. Today you can begin to live with purpose and passion, with focus, determination and commitment. Today, your dreams are yours to fulfill. Will you? “

by Ralph Marston