28.05.11 - Zen and the Art of Mr. Yamamoto

As we walk into this basement soho industrial building, one can’t help but wonder what Yohji Yamamoto has in store for us when he presents is Y-3 collection. Always known to incorporate an avant-garde spirit in his clothing,  he creates designs far removed from current trends. His signature oversized silhouettes and unisex drapery has made him the leading brand worldwide. 

That day, we came to view his latest Y-3 collection for Adidas during New York Fashion (A/W11). We were granted pre-show viewing so we had a chance to watch Mr. Yamamoto as he views the dress rehersal before the show.  Still, like a Zen monk… observing, thinking, and then communicating his message. 

The show was full house with all the fashion editors on the front row. Ready, set, go…

Stillness… Models… Looks… Travel… He took me on a journey in 15minutes. 

One word… AMAZING! 

After the show, we were invited back stage for a celebratory toast with the designer himself.  I was so nervous because I have admired this man my entire fashion career and now i was coming face to face with my inspiration. 

Walking towards Mr. Yamamoto was intimidating as it is.  Not because of the man himself, but because of his bodyguard, Hiro, who was the main gate keeper.  It was he who determines who is allowed to have some time to interview/speak to him.  I gathered all the Japanese i learned in school and politely gestured with a pleading look on my face, “May I ?”  It was a Zen moment indeed when he noded , Yes. 

As I approached Mr. Yamamoto,  it felt like the red sea parting. I’m walking through and have been granted divine access and all i could say was… “May i take a picture with you?” STARSTRUCK!!! Hello!!!  

He smiled and said, “Dozo” ( “please..” in Japanese) 

Here it is…