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02.11.10 - Gratitude…

Don’t let the need to have whatever comes next impair your enjoyment of whatever is now. Instead, let your gratitude serve as a gateway to the abundance that is all around you. 

The way to stop needing anything is to be sincerely thankful that you already have it. That may at first sound strange, until you stop and consider what’s happening. 

As long as you put your energy into needing something, that energy is working against the reality of you ever having it. Yet the more you persist in being thankful for it, the more real and available it becomes for you. 

Rather than longing for things to be a certain way, find value in the way things already are. Move in whatever direction you choose, while being fully appreciative of where you are. 

Know that somehow, in some way, what you seek is even now available to you. Let go of the need and let your heart be thankful. It will open your eyes to the reality of abundance already within your reach. 

by Ralph Marston