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18.11.10 - Make the most…

Before you put your thoughts and energy into getting more, ask yourself this. Are you making the most of all the good and valuable things you already have? The fastest way to experience more abundance in your life is to more fully realize and appreciate the abundance that is already yours. 

If you complain about what you don’t have, that pushes away the abundance that’s already yours. Instead, decide to be thankful, and to put that thankfulness into action. Demonstrate your gratitude by choosing to make the most of what you have. 

Make the most of your skills, of your knowledge, of your time and experience. Truly value and make the most of your relationships with others. Make the most of this very moment that you have right now, and of every moment that comes to you. 

Make the most of your deepest, most meaningful dreams. Make the most of what you love about life. A life of richness is not a number on your bank statement; it is a decision you make in every moment. 

With every day, every situation, every encounter, every thought, every feeling and every dream, use the opportunity to make the most of what you have. Give your best to life, in the big moments and in the little moments. Make the most of it all, and with it all you will bring great richness to your world.  

by: Ralph Marston