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28.05.11 - Get Happy

Some useful tips that will put a smile on your face… Enjoy! xo,T

1) Exercise (cardio, dance, yoga- take your pick!) Relieves stress + release feel good endorphins

2) Eat breakfast (no, coffee or tea does not count!)

3) Speak up!  Being assertive enhances self-confidence

4) Do Less. Take time to just “Be”. 

5) Focus on making memories. Like taking a vacation or class.

6) Go outside! Yes, the big room with the blue roof and fresh air.

7) Hug it out. I’m a big believer in the power of touch. :) nothing can replace it. 

8) Face your challenges head on. Prioritize your to do lists.

9) Say something nice. (If not, then don’t say it at all.)

10) Be grateful. Focus on the good things in life and you will attract more of it

11) Get more sleep. 8 hours of sleep can do wonders for your mood, energy levels, and even wrinkles!

12) Savor your snapshots. Display photos, quotes, or anything that makes you smile where you can see them often. 

Photo by: Raymond Gutierrez 

15.12.10 - Bodies of work…

06.07.10 - Shop: Undrest… Venice, CA

UNDREST. is a Los Angeles-based luxury lingerie, lounge, and swimwear brand established in 2007 by Maria Paz Navales. Known for their comfortable fit and fine fabrics that include 100% California Grown Supima Cotton, exquisite pure silks, and cashmere, the entire line is produced in-house in their 8000 sq. ft atelier/warehouse located in Los Angeles, CA. UNDREST. is produced in the same manner as that of a true atelier, through a team of production sewers that are located steps away from the design room, and not thousands of miles away! It is modeled to be in the spirit of a “true” Atelier, where as in the days before mass overseas production became so prevalent, the designer thought up their creation and then had the garment patterned and sewn in the room next door

The Undrest By the Sea. Flagship Shop opened in Venice Beach, CA in early May 2010. The swim shop houses the entire Undrest By the Sea. swim collection, alongside a few of Maria’s favorite seaside brands from around the world! 

Its definitely your one stop shop for your summer beach essentials!


1136 Abbot Kinney blvd.

Venice Beach, CA 90291

310 314 1180


T-S: 11-7pm

Sun: 12-6pm



Photos: Teresa Herrera

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