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18.09.12 - @sarah_meier Remember this sis?  Sarah Meier & Teresa…

@sarah_meier Remember this sis?  Sarah Meier & Teresa Herrera….CalCarrie’s girls for life.

28.05.11 - Get Happy

Some useful tips that will put a smile on your face… Enjoy! xo,T

1) Exercise (cardio, dance, yoga- take your pick!) Relieves stress + release feel good endorphins

2) Eat breakfast (no, coffee or tea does not count!)

3) Speak up!  Being assertive enhances self-confidence

4) Do Less. Take time to just “Be”. 

5) Focus on making memories. Like taking a vacation or class.

6) Go outside! Yes, the big room with the blue roof and fresh air.

7) Hug it out. I’m a big believer in the power of touch. :) nothing can replace it. 

8) Face your challenges head on. Prioritize your to do lists.

9) Say something nice. (If not, then don’t say it at all.)

10) Be grateful. Focus on the good things in life and you will attract more of it

11) Get more sleep. 8 hours of sleep can do wonders for your mood, energy levels, and even wrinkles!

12) Savor your snapshots. Display photos, quotes, or anything that makes you smile where you can see them often. 

Photo by: Raymond Gutierrez 

17.02.11 - Meet… Joe Zee

Guess who we caught up with right after the Carolina Herrera show… Joe Zee, Creative Director of ELLE USA.

I met Joe over a decade ago in Hong Kong when he was still a freelance stylist shooting a fashion story for W magazine.  He held a casting session and all of the top girls in town went to the “go see”.  I accompanied a good friend of mine, May Yee as she presented her portfolio. 

While i was waiting, this fabulous asian man started chatting with me.  He had the most contagious energy.  So positive and full of life!  I had no idea who he was then…

Fast forward to two days ago, I’m in New York Fashion week covering this seasons collections for Runway TV Asia and lo and behold, there was that wonderful, energetic, positive, asian man again!!! Right away, I went up to him and reminded him of how we met back in the day… he remembered! 

Ofcourse I wanted to interview him right there and then and he graciously agreed!  

We chatted about the collections, his life as creative director, and his new show, All on the Line. On the show, he helps struggling fashion designers with their line and help turn their business around.  Kind of like a “Fashion Fairy God Mother” if you will.  If you’re lucky, he may even come to you! :) Make a wish!

All on the line premieres March 29, 2011 on Sundance Channel

15.12.10 - Bodies of work…

15.11.10 - Mega Magazine 10 Most Stylish…

14.07.10 - ISLA

Aria Dress

The Creators

Two friends, Teresa Herrera and Rajo Laurel, who share a similar passion for travel and fashion, had a vision, and within a short time, started Isla Resort Collection.

RAJO’s love affair with fashion began at the early age of 11. He studied art at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and later underwent further studies at the prestigious Central St. Martin’s in London. As a young designer, he was awarded Air France’s Young Designer of the Year (1994), Most Promising Designer of the Year (1996) and The Loop’s (Editor’s Choice Award) Favorite Designer (1998). He has also won awards at the ASEAN Young Designers Competition (Singapore, 1993).  Known for his daring vision of design, Rajo has staged many fashion shows, most notable of which were his daring Optical Illusions show (Philippines, 2001) which introduced Philippine fashion consciousness to the avant-garde. His Habi show (Philippines, 2004), held at the residence of the British Ambassador to the Philippines, showcased the best of the Philippines’ textiles. He also displayed a Premier Collection created specially for the Young President’s Organization Gala that was held at the Araneta Coliseum (Philippines, 2005). 

 Teresa, on the other hand, was immersed in the world of dance and art at an early age of 5.  Always in search of an outlet for self- expression, she experimented with many different mediums of art both visual (including painting, sculpture & photography) and performing.  By the age of 18, Teresa was introduced to the world of fashion and she found herself traveling the globe working as a professional model. As one of the most sought after faces in the fashion world, she has graced the covers and pages of many fashion magazines including, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar HK, Marie Claire HK, Elle Magazine HK, Mega Magazine, FHM, Uno Men’s Magazine, and Manual Magazine.   In addition, she has appeared in notable advertising campaigns such as, Neutrogena, Shell, Carefree, Avon, and Nokia.  With her background in and flair for fashion and design, Teresa serves as the Creative director of ISLA.

Combining their experience and passion, Rajo and Teresa’s vision is to bring to life collections that reflect the beauty, serenity and purity of the island lifestyle.

Diniwid Kaftan

Teresa Silk Dress

Jonah top

Jude Tunic

Parao jersey sarong


Kitchie short kaftan

Photos by: Marc Nicdao



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