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30.06.10 - when i grow up, i wanna be…

“The world is your oyster Tsai, now go out there and get it.” -Dad

I remember my dad telling me this when I was really young.  Even way back then, i was already filled with so many dreams of all the things i wanted to be, do, have, and love. I was a precocious little girl and was always up to “no good” as they say… but how would i know, it was all NEW to me! 

To this day, I live by these words my dad shared with me.  Daily i’m reminded of how lucky I am to have the life I’ve lived so far. 

My life is good because I thrive on making the most out of my experiences, opportunities and relationships. I love what I do and I’m grateful everyday for having the opportunity to affect so many people on many levels.  I’m grateful to my family and friends for always supporting me and encouraging me to take chances in life, because after all, you just never know…

I want to engage in what is REAL and work hard towards a vision:  A life full of experiences. 

And that brings us to what this blog is about… a constantly EVOVLING world of things that inspire me, people that move me, places that excite me, and projects that I’m most passionate about.  

Enjoy and I hope it helps to spark a fire within you to live a life you’ve always imagined!